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Domain Validation

from  €6   .17/year
  • Issued instantly
  • Basic encryption
  • Improved security

Organization Validation

from €27  .66/year
  • Display company info
  • Higher security
  • Increased trust

Extended Validation

  • Green address bar
  • Highest degree of trust
  • Boost sales

Single Domain

from  €6   .17/year
  • Secure one domain
  • Create confidence
  • Various validation options


from €77  .99/year
  • Secure unlimited subdomains
  • Keep information private
  • Various validation options

Multi Domains

from €24 .66/year
  • Secure multiple domains
  • Secure multiple hostnames
  • Operate on many IP addresses


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Symantec SSL Certificates

  • Complete Solution
  • Premium Features
  • Highest Encryption
  • Business Validation
  • Highest Warranty
  • 15 Day Money Back

Starting from €233.33/monthly

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Cheap SSL Certificates from Hostedo LLC

There is a great deal of risk sending data on an unsecured site. Cyber criminals are always on the lookout for unprotected websites, which are easy targets for identity theft and cybercrime. But with the advent of SSL certificates, you can breathe easy by securing your website with SSL encryption. Secure Sockets Layer security protocol has become crucial for ecommerce websites. Even Google requires such companies to secure their website information with an SSL certificate. As a result, customers have started relating SSL to security. Seeing the security certificate displayed on your website, customers get the assurance that you have taken adequate measures to secure their data.

Need for Cheap SSL Certs

Ecommerce sites are platforms for financial transactions and critical information sharing related to credit card data. With access to trusted SSL certificates, sensitive information will be encrypted, making interception by hackers impossible. The best thing about SSL is that it encrypts the shared information between the server and the browser - while the sender's server knows how to decrypt the information, the visitor's computer knows how to encrypt the same. By investing in our cheap SSL certificates, you will show your customers that you take security of their data seriously.

Types of SSL Server Certificate Products

We offer SSL certs from some of the highly reputable brands in the industry, including Symantec (formerly VeriSign), GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, and RapidSSL, with 99.9% browser recognition rate. You can choose one from among these certificates with confidence, knowing you will get your hands on the most reliable product.

Extended validation - With the guarantee of offering the highest level of security, extended validation SSL certificates ensure that your website is carefully vetted and checked before the trusted certificate can be issued by the Certificate Authority. Additionally, the issuing authorities thoroughly verify and carefully examine each of your company's documents that back up its existence. With an extended validation certificate, your customers will automatically realize that they are on a reputable website. Since these certs require extensive verification, they come at a higher price than most other digital security certificates. Nevertheless, we offer cheaper SSL certificates than our competitors, as we buy them in bulk and share the low cost margin with customers.

Organization validation - With the advantage of business level vetting, these certificates are issued faster than extended validation certificates that involve thorough verification. Customers can click on the site seal to access information about your business. With us, you don't have to wait longer to secure an OV website security certificate if you are looking for some company level validation. Besides, we offer some of the lowest certificate prices that you can't find elsewhere.

Domain validation - One of the cheapest SSL security certificates, domain validation requires an ownership check to determine you have the right to use and secure the domain. It takes little work and is issued instantly.

Wildcard SSL - A single wildcard SSL certificate costs less compared to other premium certs, as a single certificate covers multiple subdomains. This means you don't have to worry about buying a certificate for each subdomain separately - one size fits all! Wildcard SSL security certificates secure multiple subdomains and may cover unlimited websites on the same server.

The Hostedo Benefit

If you are looking for highly secure yet cheap SSL certificates from a leading brand, we have got you covered! You can count on us to deliver quality certificates trusted by the majority of browsers. Cheap certificates do not mean low quality. Quality comes first, and we are committed to delivering premier SSL products to customers at unbeatable prices. You will also get constant staff support in the event of any hassle.

Still wondering which certificate is perfect for you? Worry not, our comprehensive online certificate comparison will come to your rescue and help you buy the SSL certificate that is right for you!

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