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The Hostedo project to provide SSL certificates from the world's leading companies at the lowest prices dates back in 2013. Our mission was to make online security accessible to everyone by offering internet users the best security solutions at the best prices. This project led to the foundation of Hostedo LLC, which was registered in 2014 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices in Europe and Asia.

Online security should be accessible and affordable for everyone

SSL certificates are a must in today's internet, where cybercrime is the norm, not the exception. Everyone has the right to privacy and to keeping sensitive data secure. SSL certificates do exactly what any internet user needs - they encrypt the transfer of data from end user's computer to the website server. SSL certificate security is trusted by all the most transaction-intensive companies, such as banks and other financial institutions. That is, you can rely on SSL security from simple websites to the most complex ones.

Nonetheless, not everyone that needs an SSL cert can afford one. Buying directly from the vendor/issuing authority is a no-go due to the extremely high prices, as the vendors (Symantec/Comodo) prefer to work with resellers rather than end users. At Hostedo, we specialize in reselling SSL certificates, offering quality online security solutions at an unbeatable price. All of the SSL certificates bought through Hostedo come at hugely discounted prices, with savings of up to 84% compared to vendor prices. How is this possible? Well, we buy SSL certificates in bulk, thus qualifying for deeply discounted rates. As a leading SSL provider, we are happy to share those savings with our customers.

The Hostedo Approach

At Hostedo, we offer the best SSL certificates at some of the lowest prices out there. We work hard to provide customers with an outstanding support. Our SSL specialists are easily available via chat, email or support tickets. Moreover, the vendors offer you direct support for their certificates, regardless of whether they are sold directly at their website or at Hostedo, giving you the peace of mind you are looking for. We value your privacy and time and never send you unwanted annoying emails to sell or advertise. Our staff is supportive, honest, and straightforward. Should you need to contact us or require any type of support for your SSL certificates, feel free to contact us at support@hostedo.com or use the contact form here.


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