How Does SSL Work?

In simple words, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that facilitates secure communication on the Internet. Before the introduction of SSL technology, the Internet world was in complete chaos, with increasing security threats. SSL protocol encrypts information between web server and end user's browser and adds a layer of protection, ensuring there is no security breach. Moreover, website security certificates keep your data safe and secure, away from malicious hands while it is being transmitted on the Internet.

When you are using SSL certificates, an attacker can only see the amount of data being shared and the type of encryption and compression used, without getting any idea about the type of information, as they are not able to intercept it. An SSL certificate ensures a safe and smooth online shopping experience for customers. When an Internet user enters a secure area, the SSL certificate in the ecommerce store helps establish a secure, encrypted connection between the browser and Web server. The secure session, known as the SSL "handshake" process, goes on smoothly behind the scenes without negatively affecting consumer experience. The only visible indicators for the customer include the https sign and "padlock" icon in the address bar.

On the other hand, if you try making a financial transaction or submit personal information on an unsecured website, which is not backed by a valid SSL certificate from a credible authority, you will instantly get a warning from the browser's built-in security mechanism that you are entering an unprotected zone and run the risk of identity theft, where your personal details may be intercepted by malicious minds. As a result, without the much needed SSL you will lose the customers to competitors who have secured their websites with SSL encryption. The internet is your gateway to getting more customers and expanding your business reach. If you cannot keep customer information safe and secure, you run the risk of losing a large customer segment. Web security certificates from reputable SSL certificate providers are crucial to providing security to sensitive customer data.

How SSL Works

A safe and secure SSL encryption process allows for protected and private transmission of client data over computer networks. The process also involves identity validation that requires the website to 'prove' their real identity, which establishes trust and credibility in the eyes of the customer.

Once a secure transaction is initiated, the browser verifies the SSL Certificate to ensure its validity and the legitimacy of the website you are connecting to. Data encryption levels are set up between the server and web browser, which share unique codes with each other while encrypting the information.

The encrypting icon becomes visible on the browser, resulting in the secure processing of Web pages and personal information shared through the platform.

Additionally, a website secured with SSL certificates gives users instant trust indicators and important visual clues that they are on a safe platform and secure environment.

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