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Why my certificate is still in Pending status?

Status Pending is there to show you that something is missing in order to get your certificate issued. If you have ordered instant (DV) certificate you need to perform one more step in order to get your certificate issued. This istep is to prove you have control over the domain name you're applying for. In the Generate Certificate Form you've been asked to select one of the following options to validate your domain name:
    • Emal validation
    • File upload
    • DNS record (only available for some certificates)
If you picked email validation you should have received an email with authorization link where you need to approve the certificate request. Please check your spam folder as sometimes this emails may get filtered as spam. After your approval your certificate will be issued instantly and available for download.

In case you selected file upload you should upload the validation file in your root/public_html folder and make sure nothing is blocking the direct access to that file. The easiest way to check that is to use your web browser, simply try where you should replace and validation-file.txt with your domain name and validation file name. 

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