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 1 cert x 1 year

€1849.99 /year

  • Business validation (OV)
  • Issued in 1-10 days
  • Daily malware scanning
  • $500,000 warranty

Total for 1 year


 1 cert x 2 years

€1624.99 /year

  • Business validation (OV)
  • Issued in 1-10 days
  • Daily malware scanning
  • $500,000 warranty

Total for 2 years


 1 cert x 3 years

€1533.33 /year

  • Business validation (OV)
  • Issued in 1-10 days
  • Daily malware scanning
  • $500,000 warranty

Total for 3 years




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Organization Validation

Organization Validation

Secure both WWW and NON WWW Domain

Secures WWW and NON-WWW

Secure Subdomains

Secures Unlimited Subdomains


Issued in 1-10 Days

Norton Daily Malware Scanning

Norton Daily Malware Scanning

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Dynamic Site Seal



Symantec Secure Site Wildcard Secure Site Wildcard

Secure unlimited subdomains with the leading wildcard certificate solution

Sensitive data sharing is still viewed as risky. But protecting such information on multiple subdomains is easy now. All you need is a single, easy-to-manage certificate that can protect shared data under one domain on your server. Conveniently, the Symantec Secure Site Wildcard offers the perfect solution, with its Norton Secured Seal, premium SSL encryption, and malware scanning features that help establish trust and credibility.

Now you can extend SSL protection to all of your subdomains with the Symantec Wildcard SSL - the most secure, feature-rich, and reliable wildcard certificate. This certificate will cover one domain name along with all of its subdomains, ending up having one single certificate for securing all the unlimited subdomains. And it comes with a single expiration date, adding to the convenience. As a trusted name in the online security industry, Symantec branded certificates are full of features that will make your website safe and secure.

The Symantec Seal-In Search option maximizes click-throughs and conversions on your website, protecting your site with strong encryption and making the Symantec wildcard certificate an essential investment into the credibility of your organization. The Symantec brand gives visitors of your website the confidence to explore your online platform and go ahead with doing business with you. You will go through a business validation procedure before the Symantec Secure Site Wildcard certificate is issued. Symantec will complete a light vetting of your organization before assigning your domain the Secure Site Wildcard SSL Certificate within 10 days, usually in 3-5 days. Upon issuance, this certificate will provide the much-needed assurance to your customers that yours is a safe platform for them to click through and explore.


  1. Organization Validation Certificate
  2. Secures unlimited subdomains
  3. Secures at no extra charge
  4. Issued in 1-10 days
  5. 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit root
  6. Supports 99.9% of browsers
  7. Compatible with mobile devices
  8. Norton Daily Malware Scanning included
  9. Dynamic Site Seal with business name / time / date stamp that automatically authenticates and validates your website
  10. Symantec Trust Seal with Symantec Seal-in-Search that increases visitors from search engines
  11. $500,000 warranty
  12. Single server license - Additional servers at an extra charge
  13. Free self-service reissues
  14. Supports RSA and DSA encryption algorithms

Key Benefits

  1. Obtaining your SSL certificate from a trustworthy security corporation gives an assurance to clients that you are serious about their privacy and security. Moreover, it helps validate your standing among competitors, giving you an upper hand in the eyes of business partners as well as customers.
  2. Save yourself and customers from virtual transactions risk, thus protecting your brand from phishing schemes
  3. Daily malware scanning for rapid identification of weaknesses and taking instant action. The Seal-in-Search feature increases website visitors coming from search engines.

Single solution for multiple issues

Besides protecting your website from malware and cyber threat, this Symantec wildcard certificate helps bring traffic and reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonments. This premium SSL certificate comes complete with a padlock icon, "https", Symantec security seal, and daily malware scanning to deal with latest cyber attacks, giving the assurance that your website is completely safe for search, browsing, or buying.

Establish trust with the Symantec Seal

The Norton™ Secured Site Seal is the most reliable and trusted mark that your customers look for while searching the Internet. With the Symantec Wildcard SSL certificate security on your website, customers will feel confident of doing business with you. With the Seal-in-Search feature, your website displays the Symantec Trust Seal that differentiates your link in search engines and sets it apart from the competition, giving you an edge over your competitors. Protect the sharing of sensitive data with a cheap Symantec Secure Site Wildcard under one domain and enjoy customer loyalty for the lifetime of your company.

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