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Symantec Secure Site with EV

Secure Site with EV

Norton Secured Site Seal Powered by Verisign

 1 cert x 1 year

€661.99 /year

Additional Domains @ €569.99

  • Business validation (EV)
  • Issued in 1-10 days
  • Daily malware scanning
  • $1,750,000 warranty

Total for 1 year


 1 cert x 2 years

€578.99 /year

Additional Domains @ €568.99

  • Business validation (EV)
  • Issued in 1-10 days
  • Daily malware scanning
  • $1,750,000 warranty

Total for 2 years




The more years you choose the bigger the savings!


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Extended Validation

Extended Validation

Mobile Friendly

Secures WWW and NON-WWW


Issued in 1-10 Days

Green Address Bar

Green Address Bar

Norton Daily Malware Scanning

Norton Daily Malware Scanning

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment



Symantec Secure Site with EV Secure Site with EV

Boost customer confidence in your website with the leading Symantec EV SSL solution

When it comes to shopping online, customers look for a safe, secure platform, where their private information and credit card details remain confidential, without any risk of loss or identity threat. Symantec™ is one such online securing brand that has carved a niche for itself in the SSL industry as the most trusted and globally recognized brand. In addition to the premium encryption, all Symantec certificates display the Norton Secured seal. So when you take the Symantec Secure Site with EV certificate, your website instantly earns trust and credibility, thanks to the power of the Symantec name.

On top of it, the Norton seal and the green address bar add greater authority to the website. Is there a better way to establish trust in the eyes of customers? The green address bar has come to be known as the most trusted visual indicator online, associated with online security, assuring customers that your website is safe for making purchases. With the SSL extended validated (EV) green bar, customers see it as an easy and reliable way to confirm site identity and security, encouraging them to enter their financial or credit card information into your website. It is also an indication that you are using extended validation on your website while also providing encryption up to 256-bit. Secure Site EV SSL Certificates come complete with vulnerability assessment, daily malware scanning, and SSL encryption to defend your website against cyber threats and attacks from hackers or cyber criminals.

Extended validation ensures that your company has passed through a thorough vetting process from Symantec before issuance of the certificate. The validation process of this Symantec EV certificate is comprehensive yet quick and can be completed within 10 business days, usually much quicker. The cheap Secure Site with EV certificate boasts a browser recognition rate of 99.9%, which makes your website easier to load on any browser and mobile platform. The Norton™ logo adds to the recognition and credibility of your website, thanks to the reputation the brand enjoys in the Internet world.

There isn't a better vulnerability assessment solution available on the market than the Symantec Secure Site with EV. The certificate can secure as many as 25 domains (optional). With the Subject Alternate Name feature, it is possible to use just one SSL certificate to protect multiple websites and secure multiple domains.


  1. Extended Validation Certificate
  2. Issued in 1-10 days
  3. Green address bar
  4. 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit root
  5. Supports 99.9% of browsers
  6. Compatible with mobile devices
  7. Norton Daily Malware Scanning included
  8. Vulnerability Assessment and Actionable Report included
  9. Dynamic Site Seal with business name / time / date stamp that automatically authenticates and validates your website
  10. Symantec Trust Seal with Symantec Seal-in-Search that brings in more quality traffic from search engines
  11. $1,750,000 warranty
  12. Secures 1 Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
  13. Single server license - Additional servers at an extra charge
  14. Free self-service reissues
  15. Private IP addresses (RFC 1597) supported
  16. Support of up to 25 total domains/SANs (optional)
  17. Supports RSA, DSA, and ECC encryption algorithms

Key Benefits

  1. Getting your EV SSL certificate from a reliable security enterprise gives an assurance to customers that you are serious about their privacy and security. In addition, it helps validate your standing among competitors, giving you an upper hand in the eyes of business partners as well as customers.
  2. Save yourself and customers from online transaction risk, thus defending your brand from phishing schemes
  3. Daily malware scanning for early identification of weaknesses and taking quick action. The Seal-in-Search feature brings in more visitors from search engines.

Drive customer confidence with the Norton Seal

Customers will be attracted to each of your websites protected by a cheap Symantec EV SSL, as each will display the trust seal and visual indicators that will boost their confidence in your brand. They will realize that you have top concern for the security of their private information and have made concerted efforts to secure their details. With the Norton security seal, you can feel confident that your site has security from the best online security brand in the world. The cheap Symantec Secure Site with EV is a worthwhile investment for your business, and it promises to offer you tremendous ROI potential.

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