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 1 cert x 1 year

€76.99 /year

Additional Domains @ €75.99

  • Business validation (OV)
  • Issued in 1-2 days
  • Unlimited server licensing
  • $1,250,000 warranty

Total for 1 year


 1 cert x 2 years

€67.99 /year

Additional Domains @ €66.99

  • Business validation (OV)
  • Issued in 1-2 days
  • Unlimited server licensing
  • $1,250,000 warranty

Total for 2 years


 1 cert x 3 years

€64.66 /year

Additional Domains @ €63.99

  • Business validation (OV)
  • Issued in 1-2 days
  • Unlimited server licensing
  • $1,250,000 warranty

Total for 3 years




The more years you choose the bigger the savings!


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Organization Validation

Organization Validation

Mobile Friendly

Secures WWW and NON-WWW


Issued in 1-2 Days

256 Bit Encryption

256 Bit Encryption

Site Seal

Dynamic Site Seal

Server Licenses

Unlimited Server Licenses



Thawte SSL Web Server SSL Web Server

Protection you can trust

Customers look for secure websites for online transactions. Security is a critical deciding factor when it comes to choosing an online business partner or merchant website. A secure website backed by a premium organization validated certificate gives customers the confidence to go ahead with browsing, exploring, or purchasing on the platform. When customers feel secure on your website, they will not go elsewhere to do business, for online security is an integral part of the buying process. So show your customers you are serious about their security with a premium Thawte SSL Web Server certificate and get an instant edge over the competition.

Bring a new level of trust and raise customer confidence with a highly trusted SSL Web Server certificate from one of the leading security brands. An important feature of the SSL Web Server certificates is that these are organization validated, meaning your business has been verified before the issuance of the certificate and giving customers the confidence to do business with you. Any business interested to make their website secure and carve out a niche for themselves in the industry should consider these business validated certificates, best suited for medium sized online businesses. A robust authentication process, quick issuance, expert support, high-level of online security, and easy management make SSL WebServer certificates the best investment for your business as far as securing your online image and reputation is concerned. A brand with a poor reputation for securing customer data cannot stay in the business for a long time.

The certificate comes complete with a free site seal that you can place anywhere on the website, giving ample assurance to customers that you are a secure platform. Thawte verifies your domain ownership and corporate identity before issuing the certificate, confirming your domain has been registered and verified by a premier security solutions provider as Thawte, Inc., thus providing greater assurance to site visitors. The certificate is also available with optional multi domain support, which you can purchase in addition to the basic configuration that offers support for one domain. You can secure up to 25 domains with a single Thawte SSL Web Server certificate.


  1. Organization Validation Certificate
  2. Issued in 1-2 days
  3. Comes with 256 bit encryption and 2048 bit root
  4. Supports 99.9% of browsers
  5. Compatible with mobile devices
  6. Dynamic Site Seal with business name / time / date stamp that automatically authenticates and validates your website
  7. $1,250,000 warranty
  8. Secures 1 Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
  9. Domain name appears on certificate
  10. Unlimited servers license - Install on unlimited servers at no extra charge
  11. Support of Certificate Revocation List
  12. Free self-service reissues during validity period

Key Benefits

  1. Receive the Thawte Trusted Site Seal to reduce fraud and thus enhance revenue potential. The seal is available in 18 languages.
  2. With the highest warranty in the industry and up to 256-bit SSL encryption, it is easier to protect private data exchanged during banking transactions, shopping, account self-service interaction, and secure sign in.
  3. SSL from a well-known Certificate Authority, Thawte not only safeguards data, but also gives you competitive advantage.

Get Thawte SSL Web Server

Thawte® SSL Web Server secures a single domain while offering SAN support, which means you can secure 25 domains with one certificate. With this highly popular security solution, you can secure your website from hacking and cyber attacks and build trust and confidence in customers. Enjoy online security from one of the leading names in the internet security industry and maximize ROI. Increase trust and credibility of your website with this cheap Thawte SSL Web Server certificate that is compatible with 99.9% of browsers and works seamlessly on all kinds of mobile devices and smartphones. It€™s difficult to find a certificate that boasts better compatibility across a range of platforms.

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